Marijuana use among college students hits 30-year high

implement drug abuse prevention programs and related policies, however, most programs target only alcohol — the study reveals a need for colleges to rethink an expansion of these programs to include marijuana, he said. “For example, we know that the first six weeks are a peak time for college freshmen to begin experimenting with binge drinking. Is this also the case with marijuana use?  Let’s find out, and, if so, develop programs and policies that focus on this period.”

Miech noted that although most college students do not engage in the first-time use of marijuana, the numbers are increasing — parents can’t oversee the actions of their children in college, but they can address the use of marijuana.

“Children look up to their parents, although they may not always show it,” Miech said. “What parents tell their children about marijuana use will have an impact. The risk factor has grown substantially in just four years and is primed to grow even stronger in coming years.”

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Marijuana use at an all-time high in 3 decades
Marijuana use among college students is at its highest in 30 years with the most significant increases occurring in the last three years, according to researchers from the University of Michigan (UM).
Cesar Gamboa
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