Opioid use has not decreased as concerns increase, poll

responsible for 40 percent more deaths than car-related fatalities.

The Truven Health Analytics-NPR Health Poll surveys approximately 3,000 Americans every other month to analyze and compare data regarding the condition and opinions of health care and health-related issues to improve the safety and quality of pain treatment.

Respondents were asked eight questions regarding their perceptions of opioids, whether or not they have been prescribed an opioid medication and for what reason, whether or not they had worries about a prescription and what were those concerns, and whether or not they have questioned or refused a doctor-recommended opioid medication.

Additionally, the poll found that 54 percent of the total respondents believe a higher-strength, extended-release, narcotic opioid medication such as Zohydro ER, should be made available on the market for pain relief.

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Opioid use has not decreased as concerns increase, poll
A poll found that more Americans use and abuse prescription opioids despite the increased awareness related to the dangers of the medical and nonmedical use of prescription opioids.
Katherine Beigel
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