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Our Team

Our team at Drug Addiction Now brings together a variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds and singular experiences to provide a full spectrum of perspectives on the complex subject of addiction. By assembling a wide range of informed viewpoints, we can tackle addiction together.

Cesar Gamboa

Cesar Gamboa is a reporter and editor for Drug Addiction Now covering topics ranging from legislation to scientific studies. He was previously a general assignment reporter for the Orange County Register. Raised in SoCal, lover of books, and avid mountain biker (when not feeling lazy). He can be reached at cesarg@addictionnow.com.

Livia Areas-Holmblad

Livia Holmblad is a reporter and editor at Drug Addiction Now and covers breaking news, features and everything in between. She recently moved to SoCal after living in NYC for about 10 years, where she worked for VICE and SinoVision as a writer, editor, host, producer and director. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Contact Livia at liviah@addictionnow.com

Topher Avery

Topher Avery is a contributor to Drug Addiction Now. A natural wordslinger, Topher studied English at the University of Colorado at Boulder and received his JD from Chapman University. Topher currently resides in Southern California beneath a pile of cats and books. Contact Topher at christophera@addictionnow.com

Ryan Beitler

Ryan Beitler is a contributor to Drug Addiction Now as well as a blogger, journalist, musician, and travel writer. He lives in Southern California but travels as often as he can. Ryan has written for the OC Weekly, Paste Magazine, numerous addiction recovery blogs, and his travel blog Our Little Blue Rock. Contact Ryan at ryanb@addictionnow.com

Danielle Woodward

Danielle Woodward is a contributor to Drug Addiction Now. She worked for the Arizona Republic as a copy editor and producer, and currently covers business news in Michigan’s northern region for the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Much of her coverage of the region explores its own issues with drug abuse and addiction. Contact Danielle at daniellew@addictionnow.com

Mario Boucher

Mario Boucher is a contributor to Drug Addiction Now. He is an experienced journalist who has covered beats including city council, education, sports and entertainment for newspapers, magazines, and websites. He is an avid hockey fan. Contact Mario at mario@addictionnow.com

Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert is a reporter at Drug Addiction Now. British born and raised, he recently moved to SoCal to marry his now-wife. In England, Dave worked as a journalist for daily and weekly newspapers covering everything from crime to medical miracles while freelancing for ice hockey publications. He is a sports fanatic and movie buff. Contact Dave at davel@addictionnow.com

Sean Woodard

Sean Woodard is a journalist for Drug Addiction Now and serves on the Film Department for Drunk Monkeys Literary Magazine and Film Blog. Focusing on a wide variety of interests, Sean’s fiction, film criticism, and other writing have been featured in Los Angeles Review of Books, Found Polaroids, and Los Angeles Magazine, among other publications. A native of Visalia, CA, he now resides in Orange County. Contact Sean at seanw@addictionnow.com

Robert B. Hayek

Robert B Hayek is a reporter for Drug Addiction Now and covers features and local spotlight stories. He previously worked for Fox Sports as a production assistant as well as a writer and reporter for an online website called Real Talk Sports Network. He has lived in Southern California his entire life, is a lover of books and writing and also surfs. Contact Robert at roberth@addictionnow.com