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“Calling All Addicts!”: A plea for people living with substance use...

By Josh DuBose: LOS ANGELES – Science has made giant leaps in studying and treating the disease of addiction, though some might argue the...

How Confetti Can “Cut Down” Unemployment For Women in Recovery

Throw in a market for hand-cut confetti, a choice last name, and a desire to do good, and you get Leonetti Confetti. Kylee Leonetti had...

DEA Releases Updated ‘Drug Slang Code Words’ Intelligence Report

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has recently released an unclassified intelligence report that serves as an updated version of a publication named ‘Drug Slang...

Facebook Aims to Curb Substance Abuse with New Marketplace Updates

On September 25, an article that was posted on Facebook’s newsroom page described how the platform is updating its guidelines and cracking down on...

Drug Rehab Center in Trenton Gets $4 Million Grant

State officials recently announced that a drug rehab center in Trenton, New Jersey will be receiving a $4 million federal grant to increase its...

The Issue with Romantic Relationships that Prevail Through Addictions

Most professionals in the industry advise against romantic relationships during active addictions and early recovery due to a number of emotional triggers. But recent...

The Evolution of America’s Most Famous Anti-Drug Use Program

The most popular anti-drug use program in the nation, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) has been evolving for the past 35 years and...

Events Celebrate Drug Addiction Recovery in Aroostook County

A series of events will be happening through the month of September to celebrate drug addiction recovery across Aroostook County, Maine. The event that kicked...

Examining the Effect of Recovery High Schools

Recovery High Schools (RHS) are secondary schools designed to help adolescents struggling with substance use disorders. RHS programs serve as an alternative to regular high...

Anti-Drug Rally Honors Addiction Recovery in Winchester

A rally scheduled to take place next month in Winchester, Virginia will be raising awareness about substance use disorders while honoring those who have...
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