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Addiction Has Teeth

While wisdom teeth are a leftover oddity from our days as a stick-gathering, reed-chewing people who needed back-ups for their teeth, today, they continue...

Wendy Williams Puts a Spotlight on Drug Addiction

Wendy Williams, popular American icon and hostess of the Wendy Williams Show on POP, called together a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 14...

Taos Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Provider Closing

A behavioral healthcare provider that offers medical services including addiction treatment in Taos and other New Mexico cities announced it will be closing at...

Kentucky Sues Walgreens For Alleged Role in Opioid Epidemic

Walgreens is being sued by the state of Kentucky for what the state is calling “unlawful business practices” that fueled Kentucky’s opioid epidemic. Kentucky...

Fentanyl Deaths Continue to Rise in Ohio

Fentanyl deaths are rising in Ohio, taking over the illicit drug market in the greater Cincinnati area. The rise in deaths is at a...

Trump Administration Anti-Opioid Ad Campaign Soon to Be Launched

The Trump Administration will be presenting its anti-opioid ad campaign soon, and will take inspiration from the “This is Your Brain on Drugs” campaign...

New Patient Assistance Program Offers Free Naloxone Pens in Six States

People who suffer with opioid addiction across six states, including California, will be able to receive an antidote to overdose in free naloxone pens...

More Overdoses Caused by Synthetic Opioids Than Prescriptions

  As the opioid crisis continues to ravage the United States from coast to coast, the number of overdoses caused by synthetic opioids has outpaced...

Proposed Illinois Law Requires ID for Opioid Prescriptions

A bill proposed by a Republican congressman would require people provide a valid ID for opioid prescriptions in the state of Illinois. The bill, HR...

LA County Substance Abuse Medical Director Says Diversity is Strength in...

While Los Angeles County is taking on efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, only eight of California’s 58 counties have fewer opioid overdoses, says...
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