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Addiction Has Teeth

While wisdom teeth are a leftover oddity from our days as a stick-gathering, reed-chewing people who needed back-ups for their teeth, today, they continue...

New Product To Combat Opioid Crisis Turns Painkillers Into Harmless Gel

A new product to combat the opioid crisis has been unveiled. DisposeRX enables someone to responsibly dispose of leftover and unwanted medications by turning...

Helping a parent addicted to painkillers

New data reveals that of the more than 33,000 fatal overdoses linked to opioid painkillers in 2015, over 6,200 were Americans over 55 years...

Opioid prescription numbers for injured workers plummet

The number of painkilling opioids handed out to injured workers in the U.S. has seen a major drop — but remains dangerously high in...

Painkiller misuse is nearly doubled among the uninsured

Lack of access to health insurance coverage virtually doubles the odds of painkiller misuse, according to the latest edition of the Behavioral Health Barometer...

LGBQ students have higher risks for nonmedical use of prescriptions

Researchers found a significant need to further develop specialized education, prevention, and treatment programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning (LGBQ) college students with...

Oregon adopts new opioid prescribing guidelines in an effort to curb...

Oregon’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Task Force recently approved the adoption of state-specific opioid prescribing guidelines in order to curb the rate of opioid overdoses...

Big Pharma’s role in the opioid crisis: shattering a false framework

A swelling sentiment against pharmaceutical companies and their role in a nationwide opioid epidemic continues to gain traction. “The opioid community needed much more accurate...
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