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Dublin Startup Creates Opioid Addiction Treatment Technology

A company based in Dublin, Ohio was recently designated as one of 12 companies awarded funds for technological projects focused on fighting the opioid...

Albuquerque Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Expands

In an effort to expand its drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Albuquerque, the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) announced last week that...

Greeneville Program Connects Locals to Addiction Recovery Resources

A nonprofit organization based in Greeneville, Tennessee that serves multiple counties will now connect individuals to addiction recovery resources. The founders of the nonprofit, a...

The Evolution of America’s Most Famous Anti-Drug Use Program

The most popular anti-drug use program in the nation, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) has been evolving for the past 35 years and...

Missoula Substance Abuse Prevention Increases, Treatment Needs Expansion

While there has been an influx of substance abuse prevention measures in Missoula and the rest of Montana, treatment options are not increasing at...

Prescription Opioids Affect Addiction Treatment in Norman

Several pharmaceutical companies are being sued for developing and distributing habit-forming opioid prescriptions that have perpetuated a rise in the number of residents in...

Keystone Addiction Treatment Representatives Plan Expanded Care

Representatives from Eastern Colorado convened in Keystone to discuss efforts to expand addiction treatment and mental health measures in the Eastern Plains region of...

Three in Four Americans Want Alternatives to Prescription Opioids According to...

Three in four Americans would prefer not to use prescription drugs to deal with their physical pain, according to a new study by Gallup...

Grand Rapids Addiction Recovery Advocates Changing Lives

A team of advocates from Grand Rapids, Michigan is developing the community housing project Dirt City Sanctuary (DCS) to foster a support system for...

Addiction Treatment in Buffalo Government Meeting Explored

Wyoming government officials convened in Buffalo this month to discuss methods to improve addiction treatment efforts across the state. The state Legislature’s Joint Labor, Health...
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