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Drug rehab recovery more successful if completed for 30 days or...

Patients in drug rehab recovery are more likely to succeed when they are in treatment for more than 30 days, according to a new...

Can drug tests make addiction recovery more effective?

Research suggests that accurate drug tests during the addiction recovery process can be invaluable tools in fostering recovery and that removing the stigma attached...

Web-based addiction treatment shows promise in Japan

Japanese researchers examined a web-based addiction treatment program that aimed to counter cognitive behavioral relapse. The study, published in the Journal of Medical Internet...

The most effective interventions to prevent adolescent drug abuse

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health looked at different substance abuse interventions for teenagers and determined which ones were the...

The international prevalence of smoking in addiction treatment

Internationally, cigarette smoking is higher among patients in addiction treatment when compared to the general populace, according to a study published in the Society for...

Drug abuse fast forwards aging, illnesses

Drug addiction accelerates aging and age-related illnesses including cellular aging, inflammation, a decline in brain volume and function, and the early onset of cardiac,...

Interpersonal guilt may lead to drug use, study shows

A recent study by researchers at Smith College’s School for Social Work suggests that drug use in college students may be tied into interpersonal...

Study links risk of opioid painkiller misuse and unemployment

A recent study from Columbia University found that former workers who are unemployed have a high risk for misusing prescription opioids, and those that...
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