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Louisville Addiction Treatment and Foster Care for Newborns Affected by New...

A new bill will affect addiction treatment and foster care for newborns in Louisville and in the rest of Kentucky. House Bill 1 (HB...

Drug Addiction Recovery in Eugene Helps College Students

The University of Oregon (UO) in Eugene is offering resources to assist students in drug addiction recovery. The University’s Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC) welcomes students...

Addiction Recovery in St. Louis Aided by Texting Technology

A recent study showed that SMS text messaging technology has assisted St. Louis residents in addiction recovery for opioid use disorders. Epharmix, created by Washington...

Duluth Addiction Treatment Patients Use Light Therapy to Improve Recovery

Community members in Duluth, Minnesota receiving addiction treatment have seen positive results with light therapy. Since light therapy can affect people with Seasonal Affective...

Addiction Treatment Programs in Boston Support Overdose Survivors

The Boston Medical Center (BMC) recently led a study that categorizes the different types of collaborative addiction treatment programs emerging across Massachusetts for overdose...

Study: Depression Treatment Bolsters Opioid Recovery

A new study reveals that cessation of opioid abuse is more likely to be successful when depression is adequately treated. The study was published in...

Study Reveals Increase in Alcohol-Related ER Trips

According to a recently released study, an annual increase in the number of trips to hospital emergency rooms as a result of alcohol has...

Injecting drugs increases Hep C risk for more women than men

Recent research looked into the risk of contracting Hepatitis C between men and women who inject drugs and discovered that women are more vulnerable...

Electromagnetics continue to show promise in cocaine addiction treatment

An Italian psychiatrist continues to garner success after making breakthroughs with experimental applications of electromagnetic pulses to treat cocaine addiction. Luigi Gallimberti, who is also a...

Long-term opioid prescription use on the rise in US

A new study has determined that long-term prescription opioid use is increasing in the U.S. and warrants further research on the potential pros and...
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