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New Dopamine Research Findings May Redefine Addiction Treatment 

A research paper published last week revealed that scientists have made critical progress in unraveling the cerebral circuits associated with the habit-forming effects that...

Burley Program Helps Women with Substance Use Disorders

A local couple has been assisting former women inmates recovering from substance use disorders in Burley, Idaho. Dallas and Marcy Bruderer are Idaho Department of...

Addiction Recovery Program in Murrells Inlet Expands

An addiction recovery program in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina is expanding its services into Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital. The addiction recovery program is enacted by...

Officials Address Substance Abuse Treatment in Harrisburg

Government and healthcare officials have been discussing ways in which to bolster substance abuse treatment in Harrisburg and other areas of Pennsylvania. Legislative measures...

Prevention Efforts Compliment Substance Abuse Treatment in El Paso

Law enforcement officers are partnering with a substance abuse treatment provider in El Paso, Texas to encourage local residents to turn in unused or...

Governor Addresses Substance Abuse Treatment in Topeka

Last week, Gov. Colyer announced a new plan to increase substance abuse treatment and prevention measures in Topeka and other Kansas cities. Approximately $30 million...

Professional Athletes and the Struggle with Substance Abuse

Randy Gregory, a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, suffered a relapse in his battle with substance abuse in August, violating the NFL’s Substance...

Emergency Rooms Help Stem Opioid Crisis with Addiction Treatment

An increasing number of hospitals are starting to offer on-demand addiction treatment to patients who come into emergency rooms with opioid use disorders. It is...

Potential Lansing Addiction Treatment Center Prompts Concerns

Despite a need for additional resources in Lansing, Michigan, local residents have raised concerns about a potential addiction treatment center that could serve the...

Drug Awareness Day Focuses on Addiction Recovery in Pottsville

Last weekend, the city of Pottsville, Pennsylvania held its first Annual Drug Awareness Day and addiction recovery was the focus of the event. The nonprofit...
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