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“Calling All Addicts!”: A plea for people living with substance use...

By Josh DuBose: LOS ANGELES – Science has made giant leaps in studying and treating the disease of addiction, though some might argue the...

Substance use disorders linked to suicide rates for US veterans

U.S. veterans are particularly vulnerable to suicidal tendencies when substance use disorders (SUDs) are present, especially among female veterans, new research published in the...

Treating pain without opioids

For individuals suffering from chronic pain while also managing a substance use disorder (SUD), treatment results can be adverse, but non-drug coping mechanisms are...

Tech-assisted intervention for teens in drug rehab works, study says

Researchers adapted and evaluated technology-assisted interventions for parents of teenagers in drug rehab, and according to their 2017 study, the results have the potential...

Examining the contributing factors in addiction

In an effort to understand what makes someone susceptible to addiction, researchers from the Department of Psychology at Marshall University studied the integral role...

Addiction treatment strategies for the antisocial

Certain behavioral traits have long been associated with a risk for drug abuse, but new research published in the journal Behavioral Sciences by researchers...
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